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On-Demand Projects

With an idea already defined and designed by the client, we at 3Tempos offer the service of bringing it to life by developing the project exactly as it was previously envisioned.
  • Development of an application, game, or website using the latest technologies;
  • Follow-up of each stage with the client;
  • Assistance in publishing the project.
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Original Software Development

In partnership with our clients, we develop software that disseminates ideas in an interactive and innovative way. The project is collaborative from the brainstorming phase, with client oversight at each stage until its completion and implementation.
  • Applications, games or websites with the aim of propagating a message;
  • Campaigns involving advergames or other interactive systems;
  • Maintenance carried out by Studio 3Tempos.
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Trend Analysis of Creative Technology

Content creators and brands are increasingly turning to creative software to boost engagement. From games controlled by live chats to interactive billboards, we explore the latest trends and assist in selecting the most cost-effective solution for your project.
  • Study of new technologies with a focus on social games;
  • Creation of prototypes of the studied technologies;
  • Consulting on best practices for entering the creative technological market.
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