Developing Ideas

Welcome to Studio 3Tempos. Here we invent creative software with the mission of making your message go further using our code as the source.

- Who We Are -

We are Innovators

In order for a project to stand out in the crowd, cutting-edge technology is never enough. That's why we prioritize creativity and innovation above all else.

We are Communicators

Blending development with advertising, we create projects designed from the outset to resonate with diverse target audiences.

We are Developers

To fulfill the purpose of creating a well-structured project, we understand the importance of cohesion in all parts of its development. That's why we do everything in-house, including the original software.

- What We Do -

On-Demand DevelopmentDo you have concepts for an application, a mobile game, or a website? We develop it exactly the way you and your team envisioned, with your supervision at every stage.
Original SoftwareDo you know what you want, but not how to make it happen? From creating the creative concept to developing the original technology, we undertake projects from scratch that precisely meet your needs.
Trend AnalysisWondering how to utilize new technologies to amplify your message's impact? With our daily application of trend analysis on innovative technologies, we're well-equipped to advise on the most effective strategies for your projects.

- Our Projects -

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A drinking game tailored for non-drinkers

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Which Was First?

Historical game to test your perception of time

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Tokyo Tuning

Tabletop RPG system with a street racing theme

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Chronicles of Drakalyn

Customizable manager for tabletop RPG set in medieval times

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Original and fully customizable CMS